The objective of the Khorshid(Sun) Server project at University Of Tehran is creating an archive of students homepages and providing internal linux accounts for them.You can access all the pages on this server through links listed on this page.


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    How to manage your personal homepage :

    Your personal webdocuments are stored on the server on your account in a directory called public_html. The first page called index.html (default).

    To edit pages, you can use a text editor to write "raw" HTML code, or make use of an HTML editor (such as Macromedia Dreamweaver (commercial), though other free HTML editors are available (Google is your friend).

    If you have created your webdocuments on a PC or Mac, you will have to publish (upload) them to the server to make them available online. You can do so with an FTP program, or use the build-in options that are available in your HTML editor.

    ** Note: FTP is only accessible inside the university via its addresses.

    What kind of documents can I store on the server ?

    All basic web-documents can be stored on the server, such as HTML and PHP documents, image files (GIF, JPEG) and downloadable documents such as PDF files, Word or Excel documents and the like. You can also include Javascript in your documents if you like.

    However, CGI-scripts in whatever form (perl, shell, programs, ...) and ASP aren't available on the server.

    About your personal homepage :

    You are of course free to change your personal home-page to suit your individual taste and needs. However, we remind you that you are using a central facility, restricted to academic education and research. Your home-page should therefore pertain to yourself and your activities only as a member (student or staff) of the Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Tehran.



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