Hi! I'm Ehsan Sherkat,
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About Me

I was born in historical city of Isfahan, Iran. I received my B.Sc. degree in computer software engineering from University of Isfahan, Isfahan, in 2010; M.Sc. degree in computer software engineering from University of Tehran, Tehran, in 2013. My domain of interests include Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Social Networks Analysis , Natural Language Processing, Database and Semantic Web.


o Computer: Web Designing, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Windows, MAC OS.
o Language: Farsi: Native, English: Fluent, Good understanding of Arabic Language.
o Programing: Java, C++, C# and familiarity with MATLAB
o Web Development: ASP.net, PHP, HTML, JavaScript
o Tools and Libraries: Cytoscape, Gephi, JUNG, Lucene, GATE
o Development Methodologies: RUP, XP


1) Persian Question Answering System: A novel Persian question answering system has been developed in this project for the first time.

2) Link Prediction Plug-in For Gephi (an open source graph visualization and manipulation software): These algorithms are: AdamicAdar, Common Neighbors, Cosine Similarity, Distance, Katz, Jaccard Coefficient, Preferential Attachment, Resource Allocation, Rooted Page Rank, Simrank, Sorensen Index

3) Keyword extraction from OCR text: In this project a software for extracting the keywords from a document in image format (Not searchable) has been developed. At first the text of image recognized by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process then by a novel keyword extraction algorithm the keywords would be extracted. The language of the text Corpora was English.

Membership and Contact

o Member of Database Research Group (DBRG), University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Web Site: DBRG

o Member of Social Networks Lab., University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Web Site: Social Networks Lab.

o Researcher at Iran Telecom Research Institute (ITRC), Tehran, Iran.
Web Site: ITRC

e.sherkat@ut.ac.ir e.sherkat (at) ut.ac.ir