In The Name of God
  Nava Ehsan
PhD student of Information Technology
University of Tehran

Contact info:

2011-current: PhD candidate of Information Technology
University of Tehran

2008-2011: MSc. in Software Engineering
University of Tehran
Thesis title: Developing Spelling, Grammatical and Semantic Error Checker for Persian Language

2001-2006:  BSc. in Software Engineering
Sharif University of Technology
Thesis title: Implementing Shortest Path Map with Wavefront Propagation Shortest Path Algorithm (Continuous Dijkstra Algorithm) in Polygonal Domains

2000:   Pre-University College, Physics & Mathematics
Shahid Mahdavi pre-university high school

1997-2000: High school Diploma, Physics & Mathematics
Shahid Mahdavi high school

1994-1997:  Junior high school
Shahid Mahdavi junior high school

1989-1994: Elementary school
Razi, elementary school

Key skills
Languages: Java, C, C++, C#.Net, VB.Net, Perl

Technical Tools: Microsoft Office, Visual Studio.Net, Latex typesetting system, Matlab

Software Packages:  Moses: Statistical Machine Translation, Terrier: Information Retrieval Framework, Lemur: Information Retrieval Framework, Weka: Data Mining tool

Designing Tools:   HTML, Java Script

Research Interests
Information Retrieval
Natural Language Processing
Computational Linguistics
Data Mining
Designing Algorithms
1. N.Ehsan, H.Faili, “Using Statistical Machine Translation Framework for Removing Grammatical and Context-sensitive Spelling Errors”, Software Practice and Experience journal,vol.43 pp.187-206, 2013

2. B. Mirzababaei, H. Faili, and N. Ehsan, “Discourse-aware Statistical Machine Translation as a Context-Sensitive Spell Checker.”in Recent Advances of Natural Language Processing (RANLP), 2013

3. N.Ehsan, H.Faili, “Using Persian Stemmer in Information Retrieval Systems” Journal of Signal and Data Processing, Research Center for Intelligent Signal Processing, 2012 (in Persian)

4. N.Ehsan, H.Faili, “Statistical Machine Translation as a Grammar Checker for Persian Language,” in the Sixth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology (ICCGI), 2011

5. N. Ehsan, H. Faili, “Towards Grammar Checker Development for Persian Language,” in the 6th IEEE International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering (IEEE NLP-KE'10) pp. 150-157,2010

Working Experience
2009 to 2010: VafaSpellChecker: Spell, Grammar and Semantic Error Checker for Persian Language as a joint project between University of Tehran and ITRC (Iran Telecommunication Research Center)

2011 : Collaborate in National Referenced Health Related Semantic Model Project in Social Security Organization
Ranked for the first 0.5% among 400,000 participants in the national universities entrance exam, for undergraduate studies.

Ranked for the first 4% among 2000 participants in the national universities entrance exam, for graduate studies in software engineering.
Persian : Native
English : Excellent
Arabic : Familiar